Special Events...

We feature spectacular special events, some found only at Eagle Rock! These include our THEME WEEKS!  

Celebrate our weekly themes by dressing up and participating in camp-wide activities.

Session 1A: Music

Session 1B: Carnival
Session 2A: Career Week
Session 2B: Fantasy
Session 3A: Friendship
Session 3B: Staff Appreciation
Session 4A: Color Wars
Session 4B: Wild Animals

  • Entertainment

Whether it’s a visit from our awesome juggling friend Jester Jim, the Carnival coming to town, or karaoke, every day is amazing at Eagle Rock!


  • Eagle Rock Color War

Session 4 culminates in a friendly battle between the Green Condors, Orange Hawks, and Blue Falcons! All age groups will be able to compete in both individual and group contests to earn points for their team!

  • Off-Camp Trips - For campers entering 7th grade & up

Campers entering 7th grade and up will have the opportunity to attend an off-camp trip every week.