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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a day at ERDC like?

​​Campers will be placed in a small group with others kids in their grade. The day is broken up into 3 scheduled activity periods, one swimming period, and 2 or 3 elective periods (plus lunch and snack). During their time at camp, campers will have the opportunity to try every activity that we offer! Elective choices are made while the campers are at camp, so they can pick whatever they are most interested in that day or that week!

​ What are the qualifications of ERDC staff?

​​The ERDC staff is made up of teachers, parents, college & high school students ages 16 and up. All staff are thoroughly screened, including an interview and reference and background checks. 

​​Do I have to send a lunch and snacks for my camper?

​​​No! ERDC provides lunch and an afternoon snack to all campers. Lunch includes a hot meal & sides, sandwiches as an alternative, a salad bar, and water. Gluten free and vegetarian options are always available. In addition to an afternoon snack, fresh fruit and water are available all day long. We are also able to refrigerate bagged lunches if a camper chooses to bring their own.

​​Can ERDC administer medication?​​

Yes! The ERDC nurse, along with other members of the administration and select counselors, are trained to administer emergency medications such as Epi-pens and Inhalers. We just ask for an additional form, completed by a parent and doctor. In addition, the nurse can administer over the counter medications such as Tylenol & Bacitracin as needed. The over-the- counter medications are provided by ERDC and do not require additional paperwork from your camper’s doctor. If your camper requires an over-the- counter medication which is not stocked by BRDC, additional forms are required by the State of CT.

Can I see photos of my camper while they are at camp?

Yes! We post photos daily in a private Facebook group. Families registered for camp will be sent an email to access photos. Please note that we take several hundred photos at camp each day and while we try to take a variety of shots, not every camper will necessarily be in a photo each day

Does ERDC accept children with special needs?

While we do not have a specific program designed for campers with additional needs, we have found that many campers that have special needs do well at ERDC! We can accommodate many needs of campers, and work with parents to best support your family. Please contact Becky to chat with how we can best help your camper.

Why are the camp colors green and orange?​

​​The green represents the beautiful pine forests of New England. Orange is happiness. ERDC's colors mean, "happiness in the pineforest of New England" .