Campers transition to becoming staff members by completing our 2 year Counselor-In-Training Program, or CIT program, then spending a year as a Junior Counselor. Our Counselor-In-Training program allows 14 and 15 year olds to build their leadership and counseling skills.

The CIT program is a two-year, progressive experiential education course designed to help young people develop their awareness and basic skills of camp leadership.  Though primarily created to produce well-rounded, creative, caring and competent staff members with a broad range of human relation skills, outdoor education techniques, sports, games and camp programming ideas, it is also designed to be a benefit to young people regardless of their interest in camp counseling. 

During the first year, 14 year olds will participate in Phase 1 of the CIT program. It is a four-week group experience with limited enrollment that may be taken in the first or second half of our summer season. During that time, CIT-1s have the opportunity to work alongside counselors in leading groups of children and teaching activity skills at each program area. CIT-1s spend time observing our counselors in action, brainstorming ideas with our staff for special events, and participating in team-building exercises and projects with other CITs.

The second year of the CIT program is a more selective program only open to applicants who have successfully completed a summer as a CIT-1. CIT-2s are rotated among camper groups and specialty areas for a variety of experiences with different aged campers and activities, and will have the opportunity to lead children, teach activity lessons, brainstorm, and team-build. CIT-2s receive additional in-service training, evaluation, and counseling throughout the summer from the CIT Coordinator and others in our camp leadership. 

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