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Counselor In Training Program

Eagle Rock Day Camp

The Eagle Rock CIT Program is open to prior Eagle Rock campers who will be 14 or 15 during the summer. CIT’s must commit to either the first half or second half of the summer. Applications are emailed to all prior year eligible campers in December and are due by April 1st.

Application Procedures


Enroll your camper here and be sure to choose from the CIT sessions in the application for a minimum of 4 weeks.  CITs must apply for either the first or second half of the summer.  If they are available for additional time (i.e. the first half plus session 3, please indicate that on the application.)


Complete and submit the CIT Application form.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and can be found in your CampInTouch account.


First time CITs must also submit two references.  These can be found at the end of the CIT application.

General Program Details

  1.   Placement in camper groups and/or activity specialty areas on a rotating basis: two weeks assisting general counselors in camper groups, and two weeks learning skills in one or more activity specialty areas of their choice. 
  2.   Leadership training – including personal reflection through group discussions and individual writing assignments, observing program area staff members and general counselors, and leading and presenting to groups.
  3.   Organizing special camp-wide events with our CIT Coordinator, meeting with CIT’s and CIT Coordinator during elective for additional training or team building activities, and being involved in morning/afternoon assemblies. 
  4. Service project – to benefit the Eagle Rock community or the larger community.
  5. CIT participants have the option of attending our weekly off-camp trip along with our senior campers.  More information on these trips will be sent out in the early spring.

    We’ve also gotten our act together with the parent testimonial page.  You can find pictures and the testimonials themselves here.

    Please let me know if you need anything else!

4 Things we think you should know:


CIT behavior standards are dramatically higher than they are for campers.

There will be no tolerance for misbehavior amongst CIT’s.


A CIT must always be willing to participate with enthusiasm, enthusiasm is part of leadership and is a requirement.


A CIT must always come to camp prepared.

Required items: CIT t-shirt, swim suit, backpack. Watches are recommended.


CIT’s are expected to come to camp ready to learn every day.

We’ll provide the opportunity and the guidance, you bring the right attitude.

CIT Phase 1 Eligibility

  • 14 years old by the CIT’s first day of camp*.
  • Prior Eagle Rock camp experience.
Program Fees (including lunch and bussing if available)
CIT 1 – $1135 per four-week session

CIT Phase 2 Eligibility

  • 15 years old by the CITs first day of camp*. (CITs cannot switch from a CIT 1 to a CIT 2 mid-summer)
  • Completed Eagle Rock CIT-1 program. (If you have not completed the CIT-1 program you must enclose Two References with your application.)

Program Fees (including lunch and bussing if available)

CIT 2 – $300 per four-week session

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