Campers are exposed to a wide variety of activities at camp. Each activity is organized by a specialized and, when applicable, fully certified staff member. Our rotating schedule will ensure that every camper will get to try out everything at least once.  Imagine all the new skills and passions one summer outside could uncover!  Activities include:




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Gymnastics: Eagle Rock campers can discover new skills on our mats, balance beam, bars, and vault. Make up a cheer routine with your friends, learn some tumbling, or just build muscle and improve flexibility under the gymnastics tent.

Performing Arts: Want to be an actor? Learn how to juggle? Do you know where stage right is? Music, dance, and drama all have a place at Eagle Rock. Perform in our talent show! Join a camp band! Everyone's a star at Eagle Rock.

Waterfront: Senior campers have daily free swim, and all Campers also have the option to choose a free swim period as an elective to splash around with friends or play around on our inflatable Trampoline or floating mat.

Baseball/Kickball: Our baseball diamond is always full of campers and staff joining together to play a team game. Good sportsmanship is encouraged, and campers always leave feeling accomplished.

Boating: Eagle Rock has canoes, row boats and kayaks for use in our large pond. Campers receive instruction in these areas or can take a boat out during an elective period.

Nature: Surrounded by over 50 acres of some of the best things to be found in nature, Eagle Rock campers will be blazing new trails as they discover and learn to appreciate the great outdoors. Come fishing in the pond, create a raft or build a lean-to.


Guitar: Warm up your vocal chords and break out your rhythm for Eagle Rock's Guitar program. Campers will explore different music styles, rhythm, percussion, along with our popular guitars!

Robotics:New for 2020! Working with award winning Wonder Workshop equipment and curriculum, campers learn coding through fun, interactive robots! Campers can program our more advanced robots to throw a ball, play a tune, do a dance and much, much more!

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Zip Line: Let your kids climb to new heights this summer. Campers can fly across our pond on Eagle Rock's zip line. Safety is always the first concern - but having fun is a close second!

Group Games: While dodge ball is a camp favorite, there is always time for silly races, Steal the Bacon, obstacle courses, and cooperative games! Campers will be challenged physically and mentally as they engage in team-building activities with their groups as well as some healthy competition among peers. 

Go-Karts: Campers may sign up to test out their driving skills on our nearby Go-Kart track - no license required! Campers learn about go-kart maintenance and general driving safety, with helmets and seat belts required for all drivers. Campers are able to sign up for Go-Karts about once a week.

Archery: Robin Hood, where are you? Become a skilled archer this summer. Eagle Rock Day Camp's archery range is the best place for your camper to become a sharpshooter. Morning instruction teaches campers the skills they need and the safety required to be a top-notch archer. Afternoon electives bring new activities like aiming at water balloons, learning how to count points, or maybe even winning the Robin Hood tournament!

Arts & Crafts: Learn to make a friendship bracelet, sculpt a pot or be a part of creating the newest backdrop for the camp Talent Show! Whether it's an organized craft or experimenting with new paints and sketching methods, your camper will find a home in our Arts & Crafts room!

Laser Tag: An elective is available each week for campers to sign up to play laser tag! Our newest activity is quickly becoming one of our most popular, as campers learn to work with their team to reach a goal, as they duck in and out of barriers.

Workshop: Campers learn how to use handtools while they plan, create, and build! We love building forts and marble runs out of cardboard, creating cars and birdhouses out of wood, and even learn how to sand and paint our final projects!

Swim Lessons: Campers grades pre-K through 5 have instructional swim daily from American Red Cross certified counselors, with the goals of increasing stroke proficiency, building confidence and having fun. Campers also have the option to choose a free swim period as an elective to splash around with friends or play around on our inflatable Trampoline or floating mat.

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Science:Build a rocket! Drop an egg parachute off the top of the tower! Make gross concoctions! How about a Mentos Geyser?  School may be out for the summer, but at Eagle Rock, campers still have the chance to be a part of some pretty amazing experiments!

GaGa: A camp favorite, GaGa pits campers against one another in an arena style dodge ball variant for all ages! Campers will get the chance to play their favorite game with their group during morning activities or with a wide range of campers during the afternoon elective.

Basketball: Our indoor basketball courts are always busy with intense games with campers and staff alike cheering on their group-mates. Age-appropriate basketball skills are taught during activity periods, with the emphasis always on team work.

Mountain Bikes & BMX: With a fleet of bikes that fit all age campers, come explore what camp looks like from a bike! For our younger campers, maybe this will be the summer you learn how to ride a bike! For our older campers, experience the variety of terrain we have at Eagle Rock on a tour around camp, rides on the trails, or trips off camp.

Low Ropes: Take a swing across the swamp of lava, or rescue your fellow campers from the hungry jaws of a dragon! At Eagle Rock's Low Ropes Course, trained facilitators will take groups on a journey through challenges and initiatives, where campers will unknowingly learn what it means to work as a team.

​Sports: Eagle Rock's sports field has plenty of room for novice and expert soccer players to learn and improve their skills! Whether it's a big game in the afternoon or an instructional activity time in the morning, the field is always busy with eager campers kicking the ball around. Every now and then, a new elective choice is offered on the field in the afternoon, like Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Tag, or relay races.​

High Ropes: The bravest campers will be sure to enjoy our newest addition to the Eagle Rock program - the High Ropes course. With 6 new challenging elements high in the trees of the Shepaug Valley, campers get a new perspective on all the fun going on at camp.